Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE Photo Diary

New Years Celebrations succeeded in the "being fun" department.  The night ended with me falling asleep sitting straight up on a couch that didn't belong to me with my head propped up on my hand and my right leg crossed over my left.  I woke up 6 hours later still in this position but with feet swollen to the size of small watermelons.  This was nothing that couldn't be cured with a quick stop at Portage Bay, followed by a day of sweat pants and some serious quality time with Netflix instant watch.

Here are the pictures of the NYE that made January 1st's lethargy worth it...


  1. looks like a crazy, fun night!

  2. SO much more fabulous than my NYE- I'm jealous.

    By the way, are those pressed-glass goblets I spy?


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