Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A View From the Top

There may not be many perks about working for a non-profit.  We don't get bonus' and pay raises are more Enigmas of the Mystical (HIMYM reference for those not in the know).  But my non-profit has one giant thing going for it.

Location!  Location!  Location!

Sure Belltown in Seattle is more than a little sketchy.  And sure I never thought I'd witness so many drug deals or see vomit walking from my car to the office on an almost daily basis.  But I also  never thought I'd get to work within a ten minute walk from both Pike's Place Market and the Seattle Space Needle -- not to mention an equally quick jaunt to the FLAGSHIP NORDSTROM!

What's more than our pretty sweet location is the fact that if you just hop on the elevator and ride it to the 9th floor there's a rooftop deck waiting for you.  A deck made for midday naps, after hour picnics, and "working lunches".  A deck replete with postcard worthy views and a garden lovingly maintained by residents of the senior apartments also housed in the building.  Even in the bleak midwinter, when naps and eating are best done indoors, the roof can be a wonderful place to go and briefly escape -- a place to catch your breath when your cubicle grows suffocating.  

This morning, during one such escape, I snapped a few photos from this beloved spot...

On days that the Olympics are visible across the Puget Sound I cannot ask for anything more.  Those mountains are an instant dose of happiness even on the dreariest of Pacific Northwest winter days.

For more Seattle pictures (and WAY more laughs) I highly encourage you to read My Hometown Is Better Than Yours.  While Seattle is not my home town I definitely appreciate the sentiment and humor of the post.  A friend of mine showed it to me and I have sent it on at least 10 times over to be enjoyed by others. 

Happy Wednesday, January 11, 2012!

P.S. This post inspired me to listen to an oldie but a goodie...


  1. That's such a nice view! The one little red building is so cute :P

  2. Not only is the little red building cute but the bar that it houses, Pintxo, has delicious food and drinks!


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