Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year... belatedly...

As dedicated readers know I was more than happy to say "Buh-bye 2011".  The year was good in so many respects but nonetheless it needed to end.

I woke up on the 1st of this year donning rose colored glasses and filled with, what I thought was reasonable, hope for immediate change and instantaneous life satisfaction.  (Note: Being unrealistic and impatient might be a recurring theme in my life.  Working on it.  Working on it.)

On January 2nd when all of my dreams for the New Year had yet to come true impatience quietly started to creep in and by last week I was down right irritated.

I'd really like to chalk up my lack of patience, unrealistic expectations, general feelings of "stir craziness", and several instances of behaving decidedly out of character to Snowmageddon.  Whatever the reasons, by the end of last week, I was in a serious state of "what is happening in my life?!"

Reminding myself that "this too shall pass" I waited.

Good news came my way and I started to feel like there might be steps that I could take to help guide myself out of the rut.  I realized that this year will be exactly like the last if I don't decide to change patterns in my own behavior that lead to the same consequences time and time again. 

The weekend passed with some small "Go Amanda" moments and by Monday I was ready to usher in some serious change!

What did I do on the Chinese New Year?

Well I gave notice at my current job and am set to start a new one on February 6. 

Change is here and I'm ready!  I'm also ready to embrace patience and really give that a try instead of expecting things to instantly fall in to place.  (Is this a Chinese New Years resolution I smell?)

On a less reflective note:

On Saturday night I saw Fitz and the Tantrums at the Showbox at the Market.  Such a great show.  Such a fun band.  It's always nice to see performers genuinely enjoying what they're doing on stage.  The bands energy was infections.  So much so that 3 days later and I'm still dancing. 

Enjoy a little Fitz on your Tuesday!

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