Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New MONTH Resolutions...

Last year I decided to give New Years Resolutions a spin.  That was my first  time messing with those tricky little devils and I was comically unsuccessful at both "saving money" and "learning to play the banjo".  I ended the year adding those unmet goals to the "Great Failures of 2011" list I seem to have started in my head.

A big part of me would like to resolve to not resolve to do anything this year; however, I can recognize a need for increased discipline in my life... 

A few months ago, when I finally recovered from the mononucleosis that had me out of commission for months, I kept telling myself I would get back to my pre-mono running routine.  This has yet to come to fruition and my emotional and physical wellbeing have suffered as a result.  But over-arching year long goals are not the way to go for me.  I've decided to make monthly resolutions instead.  I am hoping that by doing this I can focus on promoting positive habit making and instil some order into my naturally chaotic personality.

This month I think I am appropriately ambitious without going overboard. 
Here's what I've got in mind:
1) Run at least 3 days a week
2) Days I don't run will still have exercise in them
3) Bring my own lunch to work EVERY DAY (oh how I will miss my falafel salads from across the street!)
4) Make my bed everyday. (I have a BEAUTIFUL bedscape.  It's a shame to keep it in shambles.  A shambled shame I tell you!)

If I keep up with my New Month Resolutions I will eat nutritious lunches, be excited to get into my beautifully styled bed and thus sleep more???, and be that much closer to being in marathon shape again!  Wish me luck!

{with Lizzy and Alison after finishing the SF Marathon in 2010}

{Cheryl and me after the Disney World Marathon almost a year ago - yeah I was a little tired at the finish}


  1. Trying to get back in to a running routine is the worst!

    Every monday I tape a new notecard on my wall right above my dresser so I see it every day. For every mile I run, I get to put a pretty purple tally mark! It's simple but It helps me a lot.

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  3. Good luck on the running resolution (I'm a wogger personally, a walk/jogger) but nice bedscape or not I will never make my bed! I refuse to get behind that, and I will sabotage your bed when I come visit.

  4. My bed will convert you to bed-making and bedscapipng!


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