Friday, January 6, 2012

Pows and Wows

922During our senior year of college my 4 roommates and myself had a semi regular ritual of doing "Pows and Wows". This is where you go around in a circle and say something not so great going on in your life, those are your "pows", followed by something that's pretty dandy, also known as your "wow". In my warm, fuzzy, and metaphorically photoshopped memories I recall it being a tradition that all parties reveled in. When I am more honest with myself I can recall that it was typically me who said "Hey guys time for Pows and Wows" and then it was also typically me who sulked after people said "Ugh. Not right now Amanda."

Regardless of how it all actually played out, whenever I think of my time at that house with those ladies "Pows and Wows" always come to mind. 

Today, maybe it's because one aforementioned roommate, Kassy, is coming up for a visit next week, I feel inspired to do some solo"Pows and Wows".  Heeeere we go...

  1. The writing class I had signed up for and was SO looking forward to taking was canceled due to low enrollment.  Boo hiss.
  2. I promised my roomie I'd clean this afternoon.  UGH.  Ugh.  ugh.

  1. My new iPhone case (for m'new iPhone) came yesterday!
  2. I can enroll in a different writing class that happens to be centered around This American Life... not too shabs.  
  3. I promised my roomie I'd clean this afternoon.  Yay tidy and aesthetically pleasing living environment!
  4. Dinner here with her this evening... perhaps as another 922 E. Sinto alumna she too will want to participate in a round of "Pows and Wows". Alexis if you're reading this, that's a less than subtle hint :). 
  5. Traipsing around Mt. Rainier tomorrow in snowshoes. 
  6. Clearly my "wows" outnumber my "pows".
Happy weekend to everyone!  I hope that despite whatever "pows" you've got going on you have plenty of "wows" to make up for it!


  1. Glad your wows out number your pows! Way to be positive. :) I really like this idea.

  2. That sounds like a real fun thing to do :) I might have to make my BFFs do that with me now :)

  3. Pows and Wows are definitely a good way to see that usually your blessings outnumber your burdens! I highly recommend them!


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