Friday, January 27, 2012

Of Hair, Bad Dates, and Sunshine In Seattle...

I got my hair done last Saturday and everyone who knows me has had to suffer as a result. I went to the salon with images of auburn/red locks with flecks of gold high lights.  I left with brown/brown hair and yellow stripes.

After several hours/days of unadulterated vanity (i.e. frowning in the mirror, taking pictures of the horror, complaining to friends, texting aforementioned horror-filled pictures to my sister) I decided to call my stylist and see what we could do about the situation.

She was more than happy to oblige and now I've got some hairs that I can live with for a couple months before I go back in and radically change things up. (A note: When I say "radically change things up" I actually mean "make minor tweaks that nobody else but me will notice").

... ...
After getting my hair squared away I met with soon to be former coworkers at Clever Bottle which is where those candlelit pictures were snapped.  Sadly I could only enjoy the company, ambiance, beverages, and delicious soft pretzels for a brief moment.  I had to jet early because...

Last night I had a date...

A pathetic date. 

An oh so very pathetic date.

Let me tell you, if the use of bold and italic letters didn't give it away, I'm not using the words "very pathetic" lightly here.  The entire two hours were just plain sad.

Unbeknownst to me, my suitor was in the middle of a divorce which he was clearly not over and definitely wanted to talk about.  I had hoped he got his ranting out of his system after the first time he mentioned the "D-word" and gave met the low-down (that I did not ask for).  So, when it appeared he was done, and in an effort to change the subject, I asked a seriously innocuous question...

Me:  So do you have a kindle you're bringing on your long plane flight tomorrow?
Him:  Ugh... ... I don't have custody of the kindle.

... ... A simple "no" would have sufficed.  Instead this innocent e-reader question prompted him to spill his  entire sob story to me... again.  But this time with more feeling (a.k.a. swear words).

Oh yeah, he then asked for a ride home.  Fine.  Whatever.  It's cold out.  I'll give the poor guy a ride home.  In the car he proceeded to point out his ex-wife's place of employment before asking if I'd like to go out again.  Dummy.  

Oh well.  I got a free beer out of it.  I win?

... ...

Which brings me to my next point... all of Seattle wins today.  It's SUNNY!  A sunny day in January is, in my humblest of all opinions, the most precious gift there is!  In celebration I made a mix o' music that I so cleverly entitled  "Sunny Day in January".  Listen and enjoy!

When They Fight, They Fight - Generationals
Shangri-La - YACHT
Ivy & Gold - Bombay Bicycle Club
Afternoon - Youth Lagoon
Please - Nellie McKay
Folding Chair - Regina Spektor
Two Shoes - The Cat Empire
Waiting For My Chance to Come - Noah And the Whale


  1. My guess is that this guy created an OkCupid account just to rub it in his ex wife's face... and is maybe going to be doing everything with that purpose in mind for the next year.

  2. Girl, I stumbled across your world. I gotta say I love it.

    Thank heavens you got a beer out of it.

  3. Ack, I'm sorry! I've had some bad dates, a few of which rival that for depressing (one asked me to sit in the backseat because we were picking up his mom; unbeknownst to me, she was joining us!). I guess the best thing you can do is laugh. It's like something out of a movie!

  4. reminds me, i am in need of my own hair did asap. your experience sounded um, less than desirable but good for you on following up and getting it fixed to your liking. i'm actually an ex-stylist so i know what can go wrong in a salon chair, it can be horrible indeed. so many folks sit with the anguish of failed attempts for change but i give you props for taking the reigns and saying what you want. good for you!

    awkward date moments aside (i can't believe he used the words "custody" and "Kindle" in the same sentence, who is this guy?) hope you gave him the cheek and he got the drift. oh boy! happy sun shine days, ours is rainy poo but reading your awesome writing makes me smile so it's all good now. ♥

  5. ahahahahahaha..... ahahahaha.... he asked for a ride home too... you win. yours was worse :)

  6. You should have downed more than one beer and made HIM drive you home.


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