About Me

Greetings and salutations.  Thanks for taking the first step in finding out "about me".  To start here is a list of a few things that I am:

Fanciful dancer
Fanciful in general
Anne Shirley's biggest fan
Lover of old people
Older sister
Constantly stimulating the economy
Immensely fond of dogs
Immensely fond of spicy foods
Beer lover 
Immensely fond of singing songs and clapping out of rhythm
An incredible google sleuth
Vegetarian (ok. ok. pescetarian)
2 time marathon finisher
Non-profit employee

 And now for the sake of contrast here are a few things I am not:

Lover of bacon
Good dancer
Sure what I want to be when I grow up
Tequila drinker
Night owl
Sure what else to write
Hopefully a pixelated image of who I might be is starting to form... if not you clearly need to keep reading the blog to get to know me.

Right now this blog has very little direction but oh-so-much heart.  Perhaps in the future I will find a niche but for now it is a space to write about whatever is floating around in my head at any given moment.  For more information on why I started the blog I invite you to read it's inaugural entry... HERE!

Thanks for reading.
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