Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make Yourself At Home

Writing the inaugural post for a blog is tough stuff. I spent at least 3 hours last night writing and re-writing, drinking wine for inspiration, and erasing and editing my initial attempt at this blog. In the end all I had to show was a confusing product with no decipherable point that made me sound like a babbling idiot. So today I deleted the whole thing. Below is my fresh start but I can't promise it's any better…

I decided to take to the internet when I realized that I have been spending an inordinate amount of time stressing over the state of my current romantic endeavor; and while romance is great (when it's not busy being confusing and stupid) I have plenty of other interests that deserve some of my head-space too. I thought that by creating a new blog where I could explore and share my many and varied interests I could take a step in the right direction of not being pathetic and boyfriend-obsessed.

Harsh. I know. I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. After attending 4 weddings in the last 6 months and receiving “save the dates” by the second keeping my self-worth unassociated with my relationship status can be challenging at times. As much as I rage against registries, bridal showers, and wedding gowns a part of me knows it’s just as much a defense mechanism as it is a real criticism of heteronormative marriage rituals. Why is my life any less worthy of celebration? So if I never get married I never get to blow a crap-ton of money on an incredible dress and have a viable excuse to do so? What the what? Humph.

I have no idea how long my singleness is going to last for but why should that be a bad thing? How great is my life right now? I’ll tell you. It’s actually pretty awesome – a fact that I frequently ignore. I live in an incredible apartment that I love with a roommate that I love even more. My unattached status means that I only have to answer to myself (and occasionally my parents – I am a millennial after-all). Can I decorate with outlandish area rugs and floral pillows? Yes. Can I go to dive bars and order cheap champagne to chase down my even cheaper beer on a Wednesday night? Yes. Can I spend my Sundays painting my nails, playing super Nintendo, and watching Bridesmaids 3 times? Absolutely.

And so to make a short story long that is how My Bachelorette Pad came to be. It is a new place where I can write down my many and varied musings about my equally varied interests. These interests include (but are not limited to): wearing tights with boots, glitter nail polish, craft beer, feminist theory, wanting to play the banjo, table settings, vegetarianism, Jon Hamm, cooking, fun ways to procrastinate, and pondering "what would Liz Lemon do?". I don’t care if anyone likes it. In fact I don’t care if anyone else reads it. I’m doing it because I want to. How great is that?

It is my hope that my writing will improve... but that I can not guarantee.

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