Friday, November 11, 2011

I've Been Out Walking...

Aaaahh 3 day weekend.

My big plan for day 1 of 3 consecutive days off was to get up at my leisure, walk to a coffee shop with a new book in tow, drink some coffee, do some reading, hit the gym, then head home and finally finish "taking charge" and getting my life organized. All was well until the gym hitting. I decided to forgo the eliptical in favor of a colorful fall walk. A two hour, colorful, fall walk. A two hour, colorful walk that halfway through I was wondering if I would ever make it home.

The jaunt started off innocently enough. I decided to walk part of the loop that I use to run. (I will touch more upon my current "out of shapeness"in an entry that will be entitled "Of Mice and Mono (and Occasionally Men)" but until then just know that while last year at this time I was training for my second full marathon I currently can barely run even 2 miles.) But I digress. While walking the familiar streets I thought to myself, "Self, isn't it great to be experiencing the sights and sounds of Queen Anne without the sweating and panting that go along with running?" I must admit that Queen Anne in the fall is beautiful... at least when it's dry (foreshadow alert!).
After some time with the familiar my feet got ansty and started taking me down streets I had never been. Soon I stumbled upon the Queen Anne Greenbelt. I had never been there and so explore I had to!

Not knowing anything about the Greenbelt I really had no idea of where it would go... or where it wouldn't go. I kept trudging along, humming a little too myself, until I realized that perhaps I wasn't alone. After running into an only slightly creepy seemingly homeless man I started wondering if I should call someone and let them know where I was in case a police report had to be filed later. At that point I started thinking I should get out of the Greenbelt as fast as possible. Unfortunately my feet can only go so fast and it seemed that every time I thought I was getting close to a main I found more wooded abyss.
Since you are reading this I hope you have assumed that I did in fact find a way not only out of the Queen Anne Greenbelt but also back to the safety of my Wifi equipped apartment. The journey from the Greenbelt exit to my dwelling, however, was not simple. Once out I found that that the blustery fall day had changed. It had become a blustery, rainy, fall day. For twenty minutes I braved the mildly uncomfortable conditions until I finally found solace in a yet another coffee shop where I could once again read where I could gain strength before climbing up the hill and back to safety of my home.
Once I was home I was "le tired" and so neither "taking charge" nor organizing my life were accomplished.

The End

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