Friday, November 18, 2011


Since parting ways with Gentleman Friend on Monday I have been awash in emotions which in this situation also means awash in tears. Most of these emotions did not even have to do with him. I would say that the majority of the tears shed had to deal with my own feelings of quarter-life disillusion and confusion (that rhymed! ... almost). Whatever their reason, with tears comes a runny nose and quite often with a runny nose comes sinus blockage and with sinus blockage comes sneezes for days. I'm hoping that now that the flood gates have closed (knock on wood) my sinus' will have a chance to recover and I will return to the good health I had begun growing accustomed to since fully recovering from El Mono(nucleosis).

Touching on the breakup a little bit though... of course I'm a little sad. I will miss Gentleman Friend but I am pretty confident we will remain chums. I have to admit, though, that an entire 4 days without a beard in my life has been a bummer. I've been thinking about it more and I've always prided myself on being an independent lady. My 4 years in all-girls school was not for naught and anything a man can do I've been taught I can do for myself and this should be no exception! No, I do not want to take supplements and begin growing a beard but I do want to amuse myself with the wonders that is Piknik and so I bring to you a collection of photographs entitled, That Time We Took This Picture Would Have Been So Much Cooler If Amanda Had Had A Cartoon Beard. I hope you enjoy.

That time on Halloween when I was a unicorn? Yeah would've been cooler with a 'stache.

That time on Capitol Hill with Erin? Duh , the hipsters would've taken me WAY more seriously with a sweet bushy beard.

What about that time on Pebble Beach? Yyyyep it would have been super awesome if not only I had a beard but if I dyed it poop-y brown.

I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you that that time I was a bridesmaid in Caitlin and Jeff's wedding would have been made infinitely cooler if I had some grown out straggly scruff.

There I feel so much better after a few giggles!

But seriously... Crossing my fingers these sniffles clear up so I can go out with friends tomorrow and drink a smidge more cheap bubbly than is necessarily responsible.

Dancing my way out the door of work to this song... join me?

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