Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Backpacking Trip of the Year

I recognize that I've been absent for quite some time. It's not really that I didn't have anything to write about. And it's not even that I didn't feel like writing. I'm not exactly sure what caused my prolonged blogging hiatus. I'm also not exactly sure if this post is going to end that prolonged hiatus or what. What I do know is that I went backpacking on the Olympic Peninsula this weekend, that it was beautiful, and that it would be a shame if I didn't share a few of my favorite pictures.

My friend Carolyn and I are training to climb Mt. Rainier in a few short weeks and so have been upping our hikes as of late but this was our first overnight excursion for the year.  We decided on the South Coast Wilderness Trail - Toleak Peak route on the Peninsula. It. Was. Glorious. Bald eagle sightings every hour, stunningly beautiful and rugged coastline for miles, and spectacular viewpoints. It has to be stated, however, that we earned those views. While every step of the way was beautiful, much of it was also one the most physically and mentally challenging things I've ever done. But despite a few dozen bruises and a tumble (or twenty) it was well worth it and the best possible way to usher in summer.

Anyways, that's my spiel on the weekend. I hope all are well and that you enjoy the pictures!

Carolyn showing off her new hiking mobile.

Carolyn falling off of her new hiking mobile.

My home away from home for the weekend.

Carolyn mapping out our trek.

We hired a delightful shuttle driver named Willy to take us to our starting point in "Oil City" (note: it's not so much a city but it does have oil. Willy taught us this!). Mt. Olympus made a rare appearance during our drive and so Willy pulled over so I could get a shot.

Carolyn and I before our adventure. (note: I fully intended to take an after picture... until I caught a glimpse of my reflection and decided the internet was better off without that sight.)

After hiking about a mile along a river through the forest we emerged on the coast.

And onward we went. Through boulder fields...

...alongside cliffs and fallen trees...

... and again through more boulder fields.

Until, finally, there was no more beach to walk on, and so up we had to go. This turned out to be a recurring theme throughout the trip.

Another theme through the trip was mud. And more mud. And still more mud. And then mud on that mud. And then some more on that other mud. And so on and so forth. 

But along with the mud and "ladder" climbing came sweeping vistas...

And pretty awesome forest discoveries.

A few ascents and descents later it was time to rest and wait for low tide so that we could get around some craggy points.

But soon enough, we were on the move. Crossing streams and rivers... 

... and yes doing more ascending and descending. 

It was around this time that I was getting pretty tired. Had enough of swinging my camera around as I navigated my way through over grown forest paths and down rope ladders. So I put it away until the next morning...

... when I woke up to the most amazing low-tide scene.

A glimpse at our estate.

Aaaaand another glimpse at the ethereal low tide morning.

And just for fun, a selfie! You know, just to prove I was actually there.

And then me doing something with my trekking poles.

Oh! Action shot!

Carolyn stopped to be photographed with the scenery and then we were off!

As if by magic this little guy seemed to appear just as Carolyn said, "I'm surprised we haven't seen any starfish!"

I guess we weren't looking hard enough?

We were joined by a hop on for part of our journey. He was pretty nice. Quiet dude though and a little jumpy.

One final ascent...

... followed by one final descent.

We waved good-bye to the coast...

... and soon were never happier to see that shiny white truck!

The End!

Friday, March 29, 2013

I Promised A Post...

I've been meaning to resume posting but have been slacking. Last night I promised two friends that today would be the day that I started writing again.

So here I am. Writing. Not much but writing.

This is going to be a short one. It's Friday. The sun is out. Things are grand. I'm itching to get out of here but in the meantime I am finding pleasant distractions. My favorite? Oh just an interview with Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance from 1975! If you're into that sort of thing (which you should be) I have it below. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Quit being a slob.

This is probably more of a pie in the sky aspiration than it is an attainable goal or resolution. But at least for tomorrow I resolve to get my sh*t together.  I'm talking hair did, nail polish not chipped, and bed made.

Doable? Possibly.

I also resolve to listen to this on repeat for the rest of the day...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Exercise In Positivity

11 Good Things About Today Are... 

1) My car has breaks that work and don't make scary metal on metal sounds.

2) It's Thursday... i.e. tomorrow's Friday.

3) I'm wearing hot pink.

4) My mom will be in town for the night.  We are going to dinner.

5) Before dinner we are going to Nordstrom.  I have no money for the buying of things but just being in the presence of lovely shoes, purses, and cosmetics does wonders for the mood.

6) I now own both a hard copy and a digital copy of the new Avett Brother's CD.

7) I took a walk before work.

8) I ate a jalepeno bagel with jalepeno cream cheese this morning and only feel moderately guilty about it.

9) I still have Rent stuck in my head from when I listened to it while running on Monday.

10) I went here and played with puppies, kittens, and albino hedgehogs...

11) I watched this:

I hope everyone else is having a positively positive Thursday the 13th!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ozette Triangle Photographic Recap

My friend Carolyn and I hit up the Ozette Triangle on the Olympic Peninsula the weekend before last for some hiking con backpacks and beach front camping.  I have to say, the trip was an epic success.  Why? Well, for many reasons but the top two are 1) We were not attacked by bears, mountain lions, or other furry meat eating animals and 2) This was the only hike I went on all summer that did NOT involve me taking a massive, life-threatening tumble.  I returned home bruise free!  With only a few weeks of bare-legged weather left, the ability to wear a skirt without unsightly markings is truly a gift.

The trip went so well that we are planning another backpacking extravaganza at the end of the month to Mount Rainier!  Outdoorsiness!  Communing with Mother Nature!  Bug Bites!  Huzzah!

Anyway, the photos that follow are an incomplete glimpse at our excursion.  (I say incomplete because although this post might seem long to you, I had to narrow it down from 247 pictures taken over the weekend.  You're welcome.)

Thank you.  Come again.

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