Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Exercise In Positivity

11 Good Things About Today Are... 

1) My car has breaks that work and don't make scary metal on metal sounds.

2) It's Thursday... i.e. tomorrow's Friday.

3) I'm wearing hot pink.

4) My mom will be in town for the night.  We are going to dinner.

5) Before dinner we are going to Nordstrom.  I have no money for the buying of things but just being in the presence of lovely shoes, purses, and cosmetics does wonders for the mood.

6) I now own both a hard copy and a digital copy of the new Avett Brother's CD.

7) I took a walk before work.

8) I ate a jalepeno bagel with jalepeno cream cheese this morning and only feel moderately guilty about it.

9) I still have Rent stuck in my head from when I listened to it while running on Monday.

10) I went here and played with puppies, kittens, and albino hedgehogs...

11) I watched this:

I hope everyone else is having a positively positive Thursday the 13th!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ozette Triangle Photographic Recap

My friend Carolyn and I hit up the Ozette Triangle on the Olympic Peninsula the weekend before last for some hiking con backpacks and beach front camping.  I have to say, the trip was an epic success.  Why? Well, for many reasons but the top two are 1) We were not attacked by bears, mountain lions, or other furry meat eating animals and 2) This was the only hike I went on all summer that did NOT involve me taking a massive, life-threatening tumble.  I returned home bruise free!  With only a few weeks of bare-legged weather left, the ability to wear a skirt without unsightly markings is truly a gift.

The trip went so well that we are planning another backpacking extravaganza at the end of the month to Mount Rainier!  Outdoorsiness!  Communing with Mother Nature!  Bug Bites!  Huzzah!

Anyway, the photos that follow are an incomplete glimpse at our excursion.  (I say incomplete because although this post might seem long to you, I had to narrow it down from 247 pictures taken over the weekend.  You're welcome.)

Thank you.  Come again.

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