Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Funday

Mondays are pretty "a-okay" by me. It's not because I am a freak who prefers working to weekending. It's because on Monday I do not have to go into the office. Instead I wake up, laze about for a bit, and then head over to the West Seattle Senior Center. I hang out. Help seniors find resources. Drink coffee. Eat cookies. Catch up on some work and then head home. Of course come Tuesday when I do have to go into the office I am singing a completely different tune.

But for now it's still Monday and here is a list (a bulleted list!) of things that are making this Monday particularly "a-okay":

  • I visited a friend's blog and have become inspired to make reading a much higher priority. Luckily last Thursday I popped into Queen Anne Books and had them order this gem that is set for me to pick up today! Next in my queue (and on the other end of the literary mood spectrum) is this!

  • I was so inspired by aforementioned friend's blog that I sent him a text message requesting his company at a watering hole of his choice this evening. He accepted.

  • Today's the day I finally finish organizing my closet. At least that's the plan and since it's only Monday I can always remind myself "If you don't get to it today you still have the entire week to do it!".

  • Pho will be consumed in approximately 36 minutes.

  • I'm going to see Deer Tick at the Tractor Tavern tonight. In case you're wondering, Deer Tick is a band. And don't be thrown by the name; Gentleman Friend turned me onto them and they're awesome. Super awesome!

  • Because of Seattle's Seattle-y weather I can wear my new Hunters and go hunting for puddles!

Yeah, I know. Pretty spectacular as far as cold, rainy, early November Mondays go.

Here are a few Deer Tick tunes to properly introduce you to said awesomeness and sign off on this post with:


  1. I heard Joan Didion interviewed last week about that her new book. I want to read it too, but I have to prepare myself for the heartbreak!

  2. Laurie, that's why you have to get Mindy Kaling's book too. That way when you read a passage from Joan that is just too sad you can turn to Mindy and she'll make you laugh!


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