Saturday, January 14, 2012

Scruff Thursday : A Crisis Averted

I wanted to update my readers on Thursday's crisis situation .  I arrived at the Ballard Loft ready to watch the Gonzaga vs. St Marys game (I don't want to talk about the outcome) but still not sure what I was going to do about "Scruff Thursday".  Luckily for me a scruffy, not to mention beautiful, man that I actually know arrived!  I was on it.  Quickly I yelled "Tyler come to me!  I must take your picture."  He obliged.  We posed.  A photo was shot.  My mustache mission was complete.

 But wait!  What's this?  Two more hairy faced fellows who seemed to know my party?

What luck!  Such destiny!

Soon, after the requisite introductions were taken care of, they too were lured into participating and here we have the final picture of Scruff Thursday...

Thank you Chris, Ryan, and Tyler for making this girls dreams come true!

I promise my next post will feature a more sensible, less creepy version of the Amanda readers have been seeing these past few days!

Happy Weekend!  Go 49ers!

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