Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scruff Thursday ... Opinions Needed

This week I was not great about collecting images of scruffy men or animals for the second installment of *drumroll please* "Scruff Thursday"!  Early in the week I already posted a picture of a particularly foxy fox and since last Thursday I featured a dog I thought this time around it might be nice to dedicate some bloggage (yeah I made up that word!) to a human male.  

The dilemma was discussed with my roommate while readying ourselves for work this morning.  She reminded me that tonight I am heading to Ballard, a Seattle neighborhood dripping in bearded men (bearded men typically clad in plaid ... double fist pump!), and that I should use the opportunity to accost -- I mean approach whoever I see fit and ask him if he would like to be spotlighted.

At the time it seemed like a truly viable option.  A way to cloak "trolling for dudes" in the name of blog content.  Sign me up.

Naturally I started composing this entry to explain that a scruffed up image (of a total stranger) would be forthcoming... 
And then I felt creepy -- extremely creepy. So extremely creepy that as I write this I am simultaneously considering erasing the entire thing, throwing up a picture of an unshaven Jon Hamm, and calling it a day.

So here I am -- on the fence.

Sometimes my own sense of what's socially acceptable is a little off-kilter.  I'll probably run it by my friends this evening.  But they're typically in favor of me running around acting a fool and I am sure if a drink or two is imbibed I will be more than ready to do some "stubble hunting".  So what I need is for anyone who actually reads this entry to weigh in and give me a hard "yay" or "nay".  Do I or don't I approach random hairy dudes and take their pictures (and get their permission to post, OBVI!)?  Oh life!  Why must you be so difficult?!

--- In case it doesn't read well that last statement was written in jest.  Jest I tell you! ---

I hope your Thursdays are a little less conflicted than mine!

P.S. Speaking of creepy... when I use to work at Free People we played this song in our rotation.  It's so catchy, fun, and CREEPTASTIC!  It just popped into my head and had to share...


  1. Do it! I want this to be a regular feature. Beard Blog!!

  2. What about our bearded man in Ashland? I think a pic of him could fit in this post.


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