Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scruff Thursday!

The interwebs are seriously so overflowing with scruff-tastic images!  This week I once again felt compelled to share a tumblr instead of posting any sort of original fur/face-fuzz picture and I think you will thank me.

Today I bring to you something truly innovative and remarkable... Beards&Fur.  Yeah that's right... you asked for it (or at least I did)... bearded dudes with sweet, cuddly, furballs!!!

What day is it?  It's Cat-urday!  Bwahaha! 

A bicycle built for... a bear and a spare?

I won't even attempt at making a funny quip here.  That's just plain ole' hot. 

While perusing the images I heard myself ask aloud, "Ooooh I wonder if they have those pictures I saw of Jon Hamm with his dog?" Yeah, that's right.  Seeing photos of Jon Hamm and his dog have absolutely made my day on an occasion or two.  

While Beards&Fur is plentiful in the "dude and his corgi" or "beardo with a rabbit" arena (delightful, simply delightful!) they are wanting when it comes to celebrity hunks and their pups.

So here's the final Scruff Thursday image that I am sharing with you today.  I hunted it down for your viewing pleasure.  Feast your eyes on Jon Hamm and his dog Cora (yeah I know her name... what about it?):
via (where else?)... oh yeah Jack McBrayer's in there too.

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!  See ya' tomorrow!


  1. "... oh yeah Jack McBrayer's in there too." I lold :P
    My bf has a pretty epic beard right now, I should ask him if he'll pose with my cat so I can upload it on the internets to get more hits hehehe

    1. Um yeah! If you have an amazing scruff resource like that at home how could you just keep it to yourself?!

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! Always lovely seeing new face 'round my neighborhood! And that Caturday caption made me laugh! HILARIOUS!!
    Have a great day! Err... evening...Well.. nevermind...cause I'm not sure what time zone you're in! So I guess I'll just say have a great whatevers. Haha!

    Janette the Jongleur

    1. So I have to be honest... "Caturday" was not my idea. *gasp* I wish I was that clever... the people over at Beards&Fur however ARE that clever!

  3. This.....just made my day and made me squeal outloud like a little girl.


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