Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Thoughts on this Tuesday

1.  Why is it, after 15 years of doing it, that I cannot master the art of shaving my legs without causing blood to flow forth?

2.  I think my closet is finally, really, truly organized... like in a way that it won't be a raging disaster again in 2 days.

3.  Everything tastes better out of a goblet.  I knew this already but sometimes the reality hits me like a ton of bricks and at those moments I am so pleased to have an estate sale collection of them.

Happiest of Tuesdays to one and to all! 


  1. I use disposible razors about 3 to 5 times each, so when I switch to a new razor I often forget & am still pressing down as hard as I was with a dull blade, hence causing nics and cuts! I don't know if you're in a similar boat but it could be just too much pressure?

  2. i finally broke down and bought a men's razor...the kind with like 56 blades. since i have been using it, no cuts (knock on wood)! and your closet looks amazing...can you come to my house?

  3. I need to organize my closet like you did- badly. Sign, one day.

  4. I think I'm going to organize my closet today. Screw everything else.


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