Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of 2011...

Yesterday, on a long drive to an appointment, I was listening to Weekday on KUOW (yeah public radio!). For the show they were asking listeners to call, write, or tweet in the song that was their 2011 anthem. It did not have to be a new release and the only thing it had to really be applicable to was the way each individual experienced the past year. The program made my 45 minute drive fly by and for hours after I was wondering to myself, "What song best sums up my 2011?" I could not really think of one singular song that really encapsulated my last 12 months. I was, however, able to think of a song that I was always happy to go back to. Before I embed it in this post I have to warn you it's not actually a happy song but it is one of those songs that just "gets me".

I had heard of the Avett Brothers plenty but it wasn't until April of this year that I actually took the time to listen. Since then it's been a torrid love affair between me and Scott and Seth Avett's music; "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise" has been the main recipient of my affection...

Now, despite the fact that I am 100% ready for 2011 to be over and 2012 to start, I do have to admit that the year had plenty of opportunities for growth (which I believe I took full advantage of) and many high points. Below are a few of my favorite places, moments and faces that I had the pleasure of capturing photographically in the year twenty-eleven...

Now go treat yo' self! Put your party hats on, throw a noise maker in your purse, and party like it's 1999!


  1. happy 2012! :) i'm totally ready for a new year, but it's still fun to look back :) great collection of photos.. especially the harry potter lightening bold scar hehe

  2. What an awesome roundup of photos!! I have been awful with taking pictures this year. I feel like I keep saying that... although I have gotten way better since I've relied more on my camera phone. So fun.

    Hope you're doing Lovely!
    That Girl in Pearls


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