Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm On a Plane

So I'm 30,000+ feet above ground right now. If you know me, which most of my readers do, then you know I'm not a huge fan of flying. I am, however, a huge fan of going places and so here I am hurdling through the air in a giant aluminum tube. The good news is within 40 minutes I will be touching down in San Francisco.

I am taking time out of my nail biting flight anxiety to update my readers on my quest for a colorful pout. The verdict is in. I'm pretty pleased with my finds and fairly confident in my ability to sport a stylish lip.

I marched to the drugstore after work yesterday and after 20 minutes of waging an internal war over shades I finally decided on 3. I know 3 might sound a little excessive considering my trepidation around lip color but Bartell's was having a 30% off sale on any Revlon lipstick. I really had to acquire the goods while they were so cheap! I ended up getting the Revlon Super Lustrous in "Love That Red", "Wild Orchid", and "Stormy Pink". I think "Love That Red" is my favorite in terms of how it wears but it's pretty shocking in terms of shade. "Stormy Pink" is my favorite color but it is matte finished and I think my lips are a little too dry to pull this look off.

Since starting this blog I've been trying to take more pictures of myself for the sake of posting. It appears that blogging requires one to take themselves a little more seriously than I am accustomed to. Every time I edit these pictures for posting I feel ridiculous with my stylization and "me-me-me"-ness of it all. But despite my embarrassment here is a look at some iPhone shots I took while modeling my newest beauty purchases!

Lipstick Collage

Okay! There they go telling me my electronics need to be shut off! Turbulence in the landing forecast. DRATS!

Ciao! Chow!

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