Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Kind of Town...

So the song referenced in the title is about Chicago but for the sake of this here blog post it's going to be about "Seattle". 

The past few days/weeks I've been so happy to live in a place like Seattle with such a vibrant and diverse music scene on top of everything else that it already has going for it (i.e. water everywhere you look, hills, hills, hills, and mountains for days).

Last night really sealed the deal when it comes to my love for Seattle, though.

A friend and I went to see the Alabama Shakes play a highly anticipated show at the Crocodile.  The entire time Brittany Howard, lead vocals, was performing I thought to myself "I am SO lucky to be here." 

It was a sold out crowd and an incredible performance.

I'm a little wiped today so words will be in short supply but here are a few pictures from the evening...

And finally a video that I took (from the front row... no big deal!!). I only recorded the first part of the song. Why?? Because I had to put my silly phone down and dance, duh!

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  1. now i've got "my kind of town" in my head :) love that song!


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