Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scruff Thursday

For this week's Scruff Thursday I am overjoyed to be bringing you not one but TWO very different honorees.

Up first (and continuing the "YAY live music!" thing I seem to have going on) is a delightfully beard-ful bluegrass band out of Portland.  Last Friday I went with friends to see the Renegade Stringband play at the High Dive in Fremont and there was so much right with the entire experience...

1) Their music was absolutely fantastic.  When their set ended I was so upset I considered starting a spirited slow clap for more.
2) The majority of the band members were sporting some seriously luscious face-locks.
Yeah I said face-locks... as in locks of hair on your face... as in beards.
The non-bearded member, i.e. the female lead vocalist, made up for her lack of scruff with a seriously enviable set of pipes.  
3) One of the people I went with, Heather, is actually friends with a member of the band.   Um, hello easy access to post performance photo session...

Clearly Caitlin, Heather, and I had to get in on the action.

To my friends in Portland, yes you Caitlin, Elizabeth, and Jeff, the Renegade Stringband is playing at the Mt. Tabor Theatre on February 11th.  If you don't have anything going on that night... now you do!

As promised I have yet another Scruff Thursday feature this week.  When Food On My Dog found it's way onto my computer screen I could not resist paying it forward by sharing it on my little piece of the interwebs. 

The title, Food On My Dog, pretty much sums of the purpose of the Tumblr (which might be the most ridiculous or most genius thing I've ever seen.  I think I will err on the side of "most genius" but I do understand if my readers disagree)  If you need further description, however, I will quote the creator, "This is a blog where I post pictures of food on my dog."

The subject of the Tumblr is a Staffordshire Terrier and American Bulldog mix named Tiger.  And while all the photographs of her balancing edibles on her head are peculiarly enjoyable my favorites are probably the ones featuring a taco, a slice of pizza, and king crab legs.

Yeah... so pretty incredible.  But don't take my word for it...

Hope you're having a great Thursday.  If you're not I recommended finding an animal, taking your lunch, and balancing said lunch on aforementioned animal!

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  1. "Food On My Dog" just made my morning. Thanks for sharing:)


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