Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scruff Thursday - Local Live Music Edition

I know that last Thursday I was MIA. Sorry. Apologies. Please forgive.

I'm here now though and I hope that too much damage wasn't done in my absence.

Like I mentioned last week one reason I haven't had time to post has been my busy live music schedule. Despite keeping me away from writing, my shows have provided me with plenty of inspiration for "Scruff Thursday".

Exactly a week ago, I went to see Pickwick (again).  Caitlin, Alycia, and myself squirmed our way to the front and I was able to get some pretty scruff-tastic pictures of the band doing what they do.

After the show we milled around near the stage for awhile until the band came out.  Then, without any liquid courage whatsoever, I told Michael Parker that he had a pretty beard and asked for a picture.  When it happened I thought, "Oh he must be so pleased.  Cute girls... admiring his beard and music!  Such fun!"  But then I saw how the picture turned out...

Mad muggin' not appreciated.

My video attempt at this show wasn't quite as bad as usual and so I have included it for your viewing pleasure!  (I know it starts out sideways... but it's correct pretty quickly!)

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