Sunday, February 12, 2012

Photo Diary : First Day On The New Job

Finally I update!  This week was "adjustment week" with the new gig and all.  I was completely exhausted pretty much 100% of the time.  But I think with the first work week taken care of I will be less overwhelmed on a daily basis and thusly have more time for my interwebbing in the evening.  This morning I finally sat down to get caught up on google-reader and I had 650 entries to go through!  Unacceptable. 

Today's entry is short on the words and long on the pictures.  I present a pictoral tour of my first day working for-profit (wild, I know!)...

Yeah... that's right.  I topped the day off with a healthy dose of The Bachelor.  Don't judge.  Please!!


  1. The bachelor is the highlight of my Monday! No judgement here:)

  2. I love the passed out puppy in the photos!

    PS I gave ya a little shout out in my "Cute Blog Awards" post
    Cue: Awkward dance moves and throwing glitter in the air

  3. I look forward to The Bachelor every week and I'm totally okay with it!

  4. Haha - 5pm! Also, falafel chips? I've never heard of them, but will be on the hunt now. YUM.


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