Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's Get Some Shoes...

So a few weeks ago my roommate won some shoes from Dolce VitaI was disgustingly envious.  I saved up some SERIOUS pennies to buy these Dolce Vita beauties last year and have been  dreaming of the day that another pair could be mine!

Since I NEVER win anything, I used up all my contest winning karma in 8th grade when I won Backstreet Boys tickets... oooooh yeah, I didn't bother to ask how on earth she had won her footwear.

But I was still curious.

The answer finally came to me yesterday via my very own shoe angel (i.e. a friend who works for Dolce Vita).  For the month of February they are hosting the Love Fest Giveaway.  Get this... they are giving away 1,000 shoes in 29 days!!!  I know that it's almost the end of the month but seriously that's like 34 winners a day!!!  And if there's basically 1 week left then that''s 250 pairs of shoes still up for grabs!!!!!!!!  That gives even unlucky little me hope!

I entered immediately.  Gave myself a head start.  And then decided I needed to spread the word so that other people can get in on the action.

So go... be off... win shoes...

To do so go to the DV Facebook page at and Like it.  You'll then have access to the Win Free DV Shoes app - you'll see it listed under the profile pic of our Facebook page.  Click on the app and enter your name into the giveaway! 

Also enjoy this long gone but not forgotten viral favorite...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the info-- I just entered too! Also, incredibly (and embarrassingly) jealous that you won BSB tickets back in the day. I was obsessed.


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