Monday, February 20, 2012

Tips Needed!

I have been so ridiculously busy but have been craving blog time.  Any other bloggers out there have tips on making the most of the time I do get to spend writing / photo editing / etc ??!!

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  1. Whoo lady I am having the same problem. I started my blog in the beginning of the year and I am trying to work up to five posts a week, but I work full time and have other projects on the side (don't we all?!). The best time-saver I have so far is coming up with a couple of consistent features (like links on Fridays, etc.) and also to just starting drafting stuff when you can. If I wake up early and there's half a post written from a few days ago, chances are I can finish it before I get to work (as opposed to trying to get a whole post up before work). I am hoping that with some consistent effort, I'll eventually get ahead of myself by a few weeks. Good luck!


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