Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings

Last week was one of those "Am I losing my mind?" sort of weeks.  Please readers tell me you know the kind of week I'm referring to.  One of those 7 days where my brain was thinking crazy thoughts, my mouth was speaking even crazier words, and all I could do to not self-destruct was keep busy, busy, BUSY.

An aside: Maybe it's something in the water?  From what I've heard I'm not the only Seattle-ite experiencing temporary insanity.

Anyway, luckily for me, on Thursday night I flew down to California to see my family and had the chance to briefly visit one of my best friends and her fiance.  The trip definitely helped with the "crazies" and I like to think that I woke up feeling a little more "zen" today, or at least dedicated to the pursuit of chilling the "eff" out.

Here are a few pictures of the sunnier times I had over the weekend.  It was filled with plenty palm tree sightings, a hillside hike, a cute dog, well dressed family members, and happy cows (they're happy because they're from California, DUH).

Now that I'm back in Seattle I am making an effort to calm down and enjoy life more than I had been last week.  Initially, to usher this calmness into my life, I pledged that after work I would go straight home, run a few miles, hit up a yoga class, then clean my room while singing along to some sweet tunes before turning in and enjoying the wonder that is my newly luxurious bed (yeah, I still cant get over my memory foam, nbd).

As the day has dragged on progressed (and I realized my paycheck is already waiting for me in my checking account) I have changed my tune and decided that what I really need is to socialize while wearing a cute outfit heavily featuring my new hot pink jeans.  So change of plans... fancy cocktails, sushi, my favorite wedges, and brightly colored pants have taken the place of my original evening of health and wellness.  Room cleaning and long distance running can wait!   

Another aside:  Yes, I am always in the state of needing to clean my room.  It seems as if a tornado hits weekly when I'm not looking.  I of course have nothing to do with its recurring state of disarray.

One thing that doesn't have to wait is listening to the aforementioned sweet tunes.  I'm pretty sure I'll be blasting this playlist while deciding exactly which lipstick pairs best with neon pink legs.

Polite Dance Song - the bird and the bee
Eyeoneye - Andrew Bird
All Day Day Light - The Morning Benders
Cannons - Youth Lagoon
Birthday - the bird and the bee
Boyfriend - Best Coast
Salsaness - Radiation City
Heard It On The Radio - the bird and the bee
Young Adult Friction - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

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  1. totally understand the losing-my-mind weeks!! i am having them more and more often lately :) also, that palm tree makes me happy.


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