Thursday, April 12, 2012

Joy In A Box

Alleluia!  Oh happiest of days! These were waiting for me at my desk yesterday...
It being the week after Easter, Peep prices are at a discounted low and those in the "Amanda inner-circle" (very important and very exclusive, obviously) know that the way to my heart is by stocking up on my behalf!  (Hot tip: The chicks are far preferable to the bunnies and if pink is not available then yellow is my color of choice... seriously people, not much time left, get out there and buy me some!!!)

  Anyway,  after squealing with glee and thanking my gift-giver, I popped a batch into the freezer.  All Peep lovers know that Peeps are even more enjoyable when they're stale but only true connoisseurs (aka weirdo fanatics) know that frozen peeps mimic some of the texture of a stale Peep but have an extra chilly bonus.  Say it with me now - "Nom-nom-dot-com".   The first frozen batch has already been scarfed and, surprisingly enough, not all the scarfing was done by me!

My co-worker Heidi had never had a Peep until yesterday.  I repeat, this woman had made it to her late forties without ever eating a Peep!!!  What sort of sad and sorry existence is that?  It most certainly was not one that I could stand for, I'll tell you that much.  And so, as would be expected of me, I came to the rescue and the situation has been rectified.  Heidi finally tasted the magic that is processed sugar fluffs coated in more sugar and shaped like baby chickens!  Huzzah!

 I typically don't like to force Peeps on anyone.  My fear in introducing people to my favorite sweet comes from the fact that Peeps are one of this world's "divisive foods".  The "divisive foods" are those foods that you either love to the point that marriage is a real consideration or you hate to the point that just seeing them is day-ruining.  I'm telling you, Peeps are right up there with the likes of cilantro, pickles, olives, and candy corn (eeewww, candy corn, seriously eewwww!). 

 Very little hurts my heart more than being exposed to Peep-hate. but luckily for me (and my tender heart) the good feeling I had about Heidi was spot on.  After a little encouragement she tried the sugary goodness and not only did she enjoy it but she was quite eager to get her hands on more.  And more I have given her and more I will continue to give!  By the time the stores have finally run out of Easter Peeps she'll be borderline diabetic... and it's all because of me!

It's days like this that I feel satisfied... like I really made a difference.  Time to sign off so I can free my hands and commence patting myself on the back.


  1. I have never had a peep. Really. I saw a recipe to make homemade ones on Pintrest but then I skipped that because it felt like buying them is part of the experience, you know? And I feel like I need to be in 'Merika to properly break my peep cherry (ewwwww.... i really just said that.)

    For the record:
    Cilantro - love
    Pickles - love, as long as they are dill and crunchy.
    Olives - hate, but I have really, really tried to like them. I failed.
    Candy Corn - LOVE. LOVE. But I always eat too much and then I kind of hate it. But still love it.

  2. Sarah... I will save a box for you so that the second you get your feet back on 'Merikan soil the peep cherry can be popped (ewwww... i also really just said that!)

    And for your record:
    Cilantro - obsessed... like to creepily smell it whenever i see it
    Pickles - no. no. no.
    Olives - again no. no. no. And like you, I have tried and tried to like them but to no avail.
    Candy Corn - probably dislike it even more than pickles!

    Now you know!


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