Friday, April 6, 2012

Weekend Welcomed

I am immensely looking forward to some down time.  I frequently find myself overextended and the past two weeks have been prime examples of that.  Concerts, flat tires, dog sitting, dinner plans, happy hours, much needed yoga and all too short runs, unforeseen Seattle traffic meltdowns, and a full work schedule  have left me exhausted (and with FILTHY hair.  Seriously, my number 1 to do after work is washing this ole mop).  Tomorrow morning my good friend Sleeping-In and I are going to become reacquainted, after that I'm doing some tire repair, serious laundry, and spending some time with Dillon High Panthers (I haven't been able to watch Friday Night Lights all week.  *GASP*).

Despite feeling only half awake at the moment there have been a few things keeping me energized through a hectic 5 days.  They are pictoraly represented below:

I find it highly doubtful that this level of "at work cuteness" will ever get old.

Oh, well hello Spring!  In the right light you're a real stunner!

I went showin' last night.  "Showin'" for those of you not in the know (i.e. not in  my weird little brain) is when you go to a show.  In case you didn't figure that out.  Anyway, as I was saying, I went showin' last night and I'm going showin' tonight.  I saw Typhoon who I had been hoping to see for quite awhile.  They did not disappoint.  Actually it was way better than I expected.  I, however, did disappoint.  I dragged my tired self out of there early so that I could be assured I could drive home without falling asleep behind the wheel and missed some of my favorite songs.  But, make it home safe I did!

Happy weekend to all!  It's Easter on Sunday and that means the best day of the year is nearly here... Peeps will be 50% on Monday!  Better stock up!

Clearly I'm going to close this entry with a Typhoon tune... clearly...

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