Tuesday, March 20, 2012

27 For The Win!

Last Thursday was a great day.  In fact, it was the perfect day to turn 27.  Which is exactly what I did!

The last few birthday's were replete with tears on or around March 15.  The Quarterlife Crisis is real I tell you.  Really real.

This year I had zero anxiety, zero regrets, and zero cry sessions.  The day was lovely and complete with breakfast made for me by roommate, a dog sleeping under my desk all day, a lovely playlist to listen to at work, college basketball viewing, a new birthday outfit, a manicure, and some of my favorite people at one of my favorite bars.  Oh, pizza and Peeps made an appearance too!  Perfection.

Birthday Playlist (there's no rhyme or reason to the selections... they just felt right)...

People C'Mon - Delta Spirit
Kodachrome - Paul Simon
I'll Be yours - Those Dancing Days
Nothing Short of Thankful - The Avett Brothers
Ten-Twenty-Twn - The Generationals
King of the World - First Aid Kit
Ce Jeu - Yelle
Long Walk To Never - JayMay
Go Out All Night - Givers
Goin' Home - Dan Auerbach
No Longer There - The Cat Empire
I'm Always In Love - Wilco

1 comment:

  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday! Glad it was an amazing day.
    Also, I loooove your playlist!


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