Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh the Horror...

So since Pinterest has BLOWN up I have basically given up browsing any pins outside of the people I already follow.  The linked recipe below is exactly the reason why.  I nearly had to excuse myself from the office today when I saw this... apologies to you die hard red meat eaters who think that it looks delicious.

I'm not even going to post the image itself... it was the disturbing...
Click here to have your arteries insta-clog.

Oh and Happy Birthday Week to me!


  1. eep! I have a lot of veggie recipes if you're interested:

    on a nicer note, happy birthday week :)

  2. Wow. My facial expression went from "what's so bad about that?" to progressively horrified to "oh my goodness I'm going to be sick." So, so disturbing. There are a lot of weird midwestern housewives on Pinterest who post stuff like that.... Sorry, that was derogatory!

    Anywho, happy bday week!


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