Monday, July 2, 2012

Since I've Been Gone...

I had wanted to post a gazillion pictures from my choir concerts over the weekends.  The only thing prohibiting me from doing that is the fact that I did not take a gazillion pictures.  I took about 4.  And what's worse, they're not even of choir related things despite the fact that I spent the majority of my weekend singing, preparing to sing, or hanging out with people I sing with.

So what I have for you instead is an "instagramic" glimpse of the sometimes sunny but mainly gloomy month that was my June AND a playlist inspired by all the songs we (The Seattle Ladies Choir) performed over the weekend.
Photos first...

Music last...

Later(s) gators


  1. Where oh where are those adorable clogs from?

    PS- How cool you sing in a choir!! For real. I wish I had a voice that a choir would want!

  2. I got them from Essenza in Fremont. They're a brand called "Maguba"... I got to Fremont too early on Friday and so instead of waiting around the venue for vocal warm-ups... I went shopping. The clogs killed my paycheck but I've worn them everyday in an attempt to amortize the investment!

    and P.S. My choir is super awesome! Before next season's concert I'll make sure to give the blogosphere a heads up because you should come!


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