Thursday, July 5, 2012


Due to it being smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-the-week, 4th of July created a perfect excuse to stay in town and just explore Seattle.

After finaling getting out of bed at noon (yeah I'm pretty impressed with myself, too) my roommate and I embarked on a journey to a favorite cafe nearby.  On the way I stopped to snap a few shots of the beautiful views, a favorite intersection, low hanging fruit, and, of course, my festive sandals.
DSC_0508-001 DSC_0511-001 DSC_0503-001

After sufficient caffeine intake we headed home, decided to embark on an adventure to see the latest and greatest Seattle landmark, called up Sarah, and began journeying... 365-001 369-001

We meandered the streets and through the market... 374-001 443-001 381-001 435-001

And finally we arrived! 407-001 405-001

Of course before riding the giant beast we had to wait in line...413-001

An hour later (and $13 poorer) we boarded.  Once my initial screams of terror subsided and I settled in to the experience of being unnaturally high up and surrounded by glass, I do have to admit it was a pretty enjoyable way to spend 12-15 minutes of my Independence Day. 426-001 427-001 417-001 420-001 429-001 421-001

The perfect adventure was, of course, wrapped up with cocktails, soaking in the sun, and people watching... all at once!448-001

Hope everyone had an equally splendid mid-week break!  One more day and then it's time for another weekend!  H-u-z-z-a-h.

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